Bridger, a Tech-Driven Consulting Firm Fueling the Expert ‘gig’ Economy

DALLAS, TX / ACCESSWIRE / March 22, 2021 / As we continue adapting to the lasting changes and effects caused by the recent pandemic, the ways in which we generate income have and will continue to change. When millions of people became unemployed, many turned to side jobs and temporary gig-work to generate income. For those with special skill sets, online marketplaces such as UpWork and Fiverr have provided freelancers with ways to generate cash through project-based work. However, there is an alternative to these marketplaces that exist, a niche service, only known to the industry professionals who possess specific knowledge or valuable insights, and the major corporations, investment firms, and consulting companies that are willing to pay hundreds, even thousands of dollars per hour for it. If you’ve ever been ‘tapped’ for one of these high-paying phone consultations, the invitation comes from an ‘expert network’, or intermediary consulting company, looking for the right experts willing to speak with their clients. For just an hour of time, participants are compensated hundreds of dollars to share their professional insights over a quick phone call. With technology changing the ways in which we all communicate and generate income, a new consulting company is leveraging technology to provide a better experience than the traditional expert networks that exist today.

In their third year of operations, Bridger is a tech-enabled consulting firm connecting investment firms, consultancies, and corporations with industry professionals to share knowledge on-demand. Built on technology designed to streamline research workflow, their platform is powered by a unique marketplace of subject-matter leaders spanning all industries and driven by a full-service research team assisting throughout. Bridger facilitates interactions between clients and subject matter experts through private 1×1 hourly phone consultations and virtual meetings, aiding qualitative & investment research needs. By combining technology with traditional hands-on servicing, their platform serves as a collaborative workflow solution where clients access a personal dashboard to create projects, review profiles, schedule engagements, and chat directly with a Bridger research contact there to quarterback the entire process. As the company expands its services, it will include virtual events, teleconferences, and quantitative survey solutions.

Bridger is looking to disrupt the expert network consulting space in a number of ways. The company’s future product roadmap includes machine learning, blockchain technology for compliance, and a mobile rollout for both clients and expert advisors, making them a unique company to keep an eye out for as more financial and consulting firms look to adapt to the technology-driven demands of today. A typical industry expert advisor can range from C suite executives to professionals across all industries including leading physicians, KOLs, oncologists, nurse practitioners, scientists, oil & gas engineers, project managers, consumer brand managers, and much more dependent on research requirements.

Andrew Rawana is the founder and CEO of Bridger Consulting Group, Inc. (Bridger) based out of NYC. Rawana’s 8+ years of experience within the expert network consulting space is what led Bridger to its quick success, and what will continue to help it grow within the $5+ billion industry that expert consulting firms are predicted to rise to in the next 5-10 years. “The expert network model is unique and there are a limited number of players that specialize in what we do… granted there are some companies who try to remove the human component and automate the process using a database and leveraging AI or machine learning, I really believe you cannot fully automate what we do. This is an execution business and our clients are financial institutions and consulting firms working around the clock, 24/7. The need to vet and screen professionals as well as communicate with clients at a moment’s notice is key to our value-add as a service provider. Our platform provides transparency clients can appreciate, yet still powered by a full research team servicing throughout.” Formerly Vice President Business Development, covering institutional investors and consulting firms at Guidepoint, one of the leading global expert network firms, Rawana brings valuable knowledge and expertise to the organization which has helped Bridger quickly gain market share as a new provider.

“Experience has been key. Having prior experience ensures faster growth, structure, and definitely makes delivering for clients a bit easier when you have an idea of what needs to be done.”

Bootstrapped by the founder, the company successfully turned a profit before closing its first capital raise from FinTech investors Corl Financial Technologies and a NY-based Asset Manager for an undisclosed amount earlier this year in January 2021. The firm confirmed they are exceeding 7-figures in revenue and actively hiring this year.

Over the next five years, Rawana is hoping to see Bridger become a global competitor to the other major firms that exist today. “By providing both our clients and expert advisors with a better user experience, new technology, combined with a ‘white-glove’ servicing team assisting throughout, we believe we provide the perfect blend as a tech-enabled consulting firm.”

Bridger Consulting Group, Inc. serves research teams at consulting firms (management, strategy, creative), market research firms, private equity, venture capital, and asset managers. If you’re interested in joining Bridger’s platform as an Expert Advisor to participate in a phone consultation, they encourage professionals to visit their website at

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