Ali Zar Contributes Heavily to a New Article Outlining How to Run a Business With Your Family

The Long Island-area serial entrepreneur worked in conjunction with a professional journalist to compose an informative and enlightening piece.

LONG ISLAND, NY / ACCESSWIRE / June 9, 2021 / It is with great pride and pleasure that Long Island-area small business owner Ali Zar announces that he has made a substantial contribution to a new article. The piece, which was written by journalist Patrica Lopez and published by an online periodical concentrating on matters relating to running a home business, is structured as a list of six winning strategies to employ when running a for-profit enterprise with family members.

Early on in the article, Ali Zar notes that it’s crucial to be vigilant in warding off old family conflicts. ‘Issues from decades ago have a way of rising to the surface in a new business’s high-pressure environment. For example, if your mother and your aunt fought years ago about money, it may come to the forefront again when financial situations are tight,’ he opines.

Further on in the piece, Ali Zar comments on the delicate subject of chain of command within a family business. ‘As much as possible, try not to put parents in charge of their children and vice versa,’ he cautions, pointing out that such a strategy can really ‘help cut down on some of the long-standing conflicts waiting their turn to re-emerge.’

Also included in the article are some helpful nuggets of advice from Ali Zar on topics like succession planning and guarding against nepotism, amongst other things.

Anyone wishing to read the full text of the article can do so here, and anyone wishing to learn more about Ali Zar is encouraged to visit his personal website.

About Ali Zar:

Ali Zar is a serial entrepreneur with a bachelor’s degree in business from Baruch College. Originally born in Pakistan, Ali Zar moved to the United States when he was 11 years old, intent on following the example of his father and becoming a successful business owner. Together with his brother, Ali Zar has founded numerous small businesses all over Long Island, New York. Their first one, a series of gift and greeting card shops, is still operating to this day and running a healthy profit. Following that venture, the brothers opened Zar’s Chicken and Burgers, a halal restaurant focusing on American-style food that’s garnering excellent reviews online. Most recently, Ali Zar has realized his passion project: Zar Sports USA, a sports equipment store specializing in paraphernalia for cricket – an uncommon sport in the United States, but one with a dedicated and steadily growing niche following.

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