IOOGO Founders Share 3 Simple Steps That Couples Can Take To Start A Business

DALLAS, TX / ACCESSWIRE / June 9, 2021 / Starting your own business is a worthwhile venture, and there are a lot of different ways people choose to go about it. Some just jump right in and learn as they go, others meticulously plan and research, some simply dream about starting a new business but never take that next step. With so many options and the flexibility of virtual businesses, it is no longer required to have that brick-and-mortar concept all the time, which has opened the door for innovative entrepreneurs to flourish.

Josh and Kristy Alballero are a Texas-based husband and wife team that started their own business from scratch. With expertise in accounting services and software development, the two took their unique combined skill set and built a business because they saw that there was a better way to do things. What began with a simple idea is now a highly successful technology-first tax and accounting company, IOOGO. Now, they work with other startups and small businesses to save them time and money and want to share three simple steps to starting a business.

3 Simple Steps To Start A Business

  1. Define Your Business and Brand – Defining what your business is, establishing your brand and what it stands for is the first step to starting a business. Take the time to research, refine your idea, define why you want to start this business, who you want to serve, and what need you will fill. Try to complete the following statement “My company, (name) strives to (action your business offers) by (key differentiator).” Your brand is your public image and how the world is going to learn about your business, it is up to you to set what that definition will be, and then build your business to meet that expectation.
  2. Define Your Niche and Establish How You Will Make Money – Every business serves a specific need, so figuring out what that is must be done before the business gets too far underway. Know where your business fits in the market, you need to figure out what skills, experience, talents, or other strengths you have that set you ahead, then determine what niche of the market you plan to operate in. Then, you need to determine how your business will earn money, and who your ideal customer group is.
  3. Develop a Detailed Business Plan – A good idea is not enough, you need to develop that idea into a solid plan with a definable, measurable vision. Once you have narrowed down the specifics it is time to develop a business plan and pick a business model. You need to find a way to balance the passion and drive with practical knowledge to create actionable next steps to take. This part of the process is not simple, it requires researching the market, learning about competitors, looking at legal requirements around your business, taking inventory of financial resources, support team, and other resources. The business plan should include marketing, as well as ways to measure success.

Once you have defined your business and brand, established your niche, determined how to earn money, and developed a solid business plan, you will be ready to set your idea in motion and start your business. Josh Alballero suggests writing down a list of questions and concerns and then working through them as an exercise to help determine some of these specific elements. He also points out that your business does not have to be the first of its kind, nor does it have to offer something over the top to be successful. Connect with the Alballero team on their company website to learn more about their business.


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