Dr. CK Taneja, Business Transformation Coach With Chinmayam Consultants, On 5 Steps To Realize And Achieve Your Potential As An Employee Or An Executive

ELK GROVE, CA / ACCESSWIRE / July 14, 2021 / Climbing up the ladder in your company can feel overwhelming. Whether you’re an employee, executive or business owner, it can be difficult to figure out how to bring value that will reap rewards and advance your career.

It’s important to remember one thing: you are part of a whole. As you individually grow and get better, the company can grow and get better, too.

The key is to know yourself and this comes with many questions that you must find answers to.

Here’s what you need to know to tap into your potential and achieve your goals in the workplace:

1. Identify your key strengths and work in areas that utilize those

This step is the foundation of realizing your potential. Knowing your strengths will help you figure out what line of work suits you. You want to find a job or career where you can leverage your strengths. You’ll find that you are naturally more effective and can easily bring value to your organization.

2. Identify your learning capabilities

Knowing how you process and learn leads to optimal performance at work. You should be able to identify what processes, systems or communication styles work best for you. These capabilities, if identified correctly, should align with your strengths. Understanding your learning capabilities is a sure way to elevate in your career.

3. Identify your stressors

What triggers you? It’s important to understand what kind of people, situations and environments stress you out or make you feel uneasy. Understanding this aspect of yourself will help you avoid jobs, careers or work environments that weaken your strengths.

4. Identify what drives you

Identify what your key motivations are and keep your objective in front of you. This will help you stay inspired. Whether you want to retire early or travel frequently, knowing this will keep you on your feet and push you to bring value to your company, which will benefit you in the end.

5. Align with the organizations’ objectives

Be sure that your personal objectives in life are aligned with your organization’s objectives. If your values and objectives are aligned with your company, it will motivate you to perform at a high level with complete support of the organization, resulting in exponential growth.

Achieve Optimal Performance at Work With Dr. CK Taneja

Dr. CK Taneja’s story is one of overcoming the odds. He was born in India in a lower middle-class family and struggled with learning disabilities. Due to these challenges, he was told that he would never assume a senior role in an organization.

But this was far from the truth.

He realized that he learned best by listening, and not reading. This epiphany helped him understand that people possess different skills, interests and learning styles. Moreover, he realized that the key to achieving your highest potential in your work is to find what inspires you and move toward that.

His strength? He can identify inefficiencies and eliminate them.

Over a nearly 40 year career, he has been a mechanic, assembly worker in factories, a software developer, Project Manager, Director of IT, CEO and MD of multiple companies, and now a Business Success Coach, helping organizations achieve PEAK PERFORMANCE and Individuals gain SUCCESS without STRESS.

He always had a passion to teach and help people find careers that suit their unique skills and abilities, just like he did for himself.

“If I’m not helping anybody, then there’s no point. We get only one life and it is not for self. It is to help others.”

Today, he mentors and coaches individuals and groups to help them perform at high levels in their professions.

To learn more about Dr. CK Taneja and his services, visit chinmayamconsultants.com.

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