Karinna Berrospi Launches Family Legacy Course with Latino Family Coaching

SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO / ACCESSWIRE / July 14, 2021 / For the Latino community, the culture of ‘now’ tends to be one of the greatest challenges in achieving and consolidating family wealth over time. It is in our DNA, bequeathed by the cultural heritage that we have endured for centuries. Latinos are used to thinking about the ‘here and now.’ Believers in ‘seeing as you go,’ this philosophy has affected our ability to create long-term vision plans.

Even in entrepreneurial families that have reached the pinnacle of success in their respective industries, there is often no blueprint designed in terms of decades or generations. Few family leaders think about what will happen when it is time to pass the torch on to the next generations.

As a result of little or no family planning, family legacies are often destroyed: companies, fortunes, or values, either because the next generations are not prepared to assume leadership or because they are simply focused on forging their own path.

In this sense, Karinna Berrospi has created Latino Family Coaching with the mission of creating family legacies led by morality and financial education. These legacies are capable of spanning generations, ultimately helping our communities raise their quality of life.

Your financial education and your family’s legacy are in your hands

Under the motto: “Your financial education and your family’s legacy are in your hands,” Karinna Berrospi launched the Bootcamp, ‘Creating Your Family Legacy.’ This is a unique training program of its kind for the Latino community, in which it shows family leaders the secrets to creating powerful moral and financial legacies for future generations.

In this context, Karinna reveals the true face of the family legacy, a concept that remains foreign to the Latino community. Family legacies go beyond financial inheritance; legacies also involve values, goals, financial education, work schemes, savings plans, and much more. The first step of the program is to help families heal their relationship with money, dismantling myths and limiting beliefs that have been transmitted for generations in the social mobility of Latin America:

  • If you are born poor, you die poor.
  • The rich are numbered.
  • Investments are a roulette wheel.
  • Live from day to day, without financial planning.
  • Financial education is for wealthy families.

In this master class accompanied by Karinna, participants will learn about legacies and how to build them with solid foundations. Also participating as facilitators will be Karinna’s husband, Leon Cases, and financial advisor, Ashton Pérez, a graduate in finance and marketing and a member of the Foundation for Financial Education. Ashton is a young star in the world of Wealth Management, and he is passionate about helping families build a life plan by improving their finances. Ashton’s goal is to open new financial opportunities for middle class people who want to improve their quality of life.

This intensive training program is aimed at adults of all ages – single, married with projection to have a family, couples with teenagers and older children, and all those who seek to create and leave a family legacy to raise the quality of life of their next generations.

Investing In Children

The Family Legacies Bootcamp was not launched alone – in fact, it is part of what Latino Family Coaching has called: ‘The Family Weekend.’ Held on July 10 and 11, ‘The Family Weekend’ is a training package that also includes the most important investment course for children available in Spanish.

In this program, In this program, Daniela Salazar, an expert in trading with options at Latino Wall Street stock exchange, shows the little ones in the house what money is and how they can make it grow on trees (investments to generate passive income) through fun and engaging activities. The program also embraces an innovative financial education method for children: the magician Jorge, who teaches youngsters important investment lessons using magic tricks.

This program is designed for children ages 7 to 12 who want to learn how to invest in the stock market to multiply their savings at an early age.

A program created by families, for families:

Karinna Berrospi launched Latino Family Coaching just three months ago, in partnership with her sister Gabriela Berrospi, the founder of Latino Wall Street. The massive acceptance it has received amongst the Latino community is unprecedented for family training programs. Without a doubt, this success reflects the immense need of Latino families for an ally and guide when it comes to rescuing values ​​and building legacies that are capable of adding value to our communities.

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