$300 JPEGs of Frogs Are the Latest NFT To Make Waves in The Market

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / September 13, 2021 / New forms of cryptocurrency are constantly entering the market and standing out above the competition takes innovation. The team at Frogs in Disguise went far beyond just creating a new NFT and created a unique virtual experience for their users. Frogs in Disguise is a 360° universe that allows holders to escape reality and explore a new world of adventure.

Frogs In Disguise has been gaining buzz across Twitter, racking up over 2,300 followers in only 4 days and 1,100 on the team’s Discord. Launching on September 13th, the Frogs in Disguise team is expecting to rapidly sell out of the first 10,000 frogs, each with its own unique personality, style, and design. Frog purchasers will then have access to an animated series – you can explore the intricacies of the story on the Frogs in Disguise website – alongside a Tamagotchi-inspired game on the blockchain. Frogs in Disguise is the first of its kind NFT project and has gained recognition from celebrities across Twitter.

“We wanted to be innovative and creative in a fast-growing space, which is difficult,” said Frogs in Disguise Founder [xxx]. “We wanted to stand out in a sea of other projects, and we really embraced that challenge with Frogs in Disguise. We are a team of young internet dwellers that don’t come from money or education, but we set our mind to creating something unique in the market and we made it happen. We want to show people that if they are creative, work smartly, and don’t give up, they can build anything.”

The Frogs in Disguise story has only just begun, and the team has big plans for the future. Learn more about Frogs in Disguise and explore their future roadmap at https://frogsindisguise.com/. Keep up to date with the latest on the team’s Twitter and Discord.

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